Getting Started

Many people know for a fact that great things simply don’t happen over night. A person striving to start something, to be someone, is no different. In the end you are in control of your own destiny, you can either remain as you are, brushed beneath the carpet of society, or you can strive to be something more.

This realization that I am coming of age, and about to go to college in a year is finally starting to sink in. I for one don’t want to be under that “carpet of society.” People say if you want to be noticed, simply put your name out there, and the rest will follow. Taking this to heart I decided to start this blog, hoping to major in Journalism in college. I felt this would be a good way for me to practice my writing. It also might be a decent way for me to talk about my various opinions regarding Video Games & Entertainment, because as someone whose dream is to cover these two topics for a company after college, I have to start somewhere. So I decided to put fate in my own hands and be accountable, not letting anyone else pull me down from reaching my potential.

By doing this I hope it makes me a better person and writer, because honestly we can all get better at what we do. This essentially sums up what this blog will be about. Expect reviews, criticisms, praises and more from this blog regarding Video Games & Entertainment. Just remember when reading them, that they are purely my opinions, because if everyone has a right to a single thing, it should definitely be the freedom to think and believe in what you deem is right.

– Hunter “Dallas” Gilbert

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