Interview: The Behemoth’s : Pit People

Yesterday, at the first day of RTX 2015, I had the opportunity to interview Ian from The Behemoth. I asked him some intriguing questions about The Behemoth’s new game Pit PeoplePit People, which was previously named Video Game 4 since it is the developers fourth game, was an absolute blast to play.

Behemoth-Game-4-Pit-People-TitleI sat down and played a 30-40 minute demo of the first segment of the game. I can only describe the game as tremendously funny and full of the kind of trademark fast paced action that has become The Behemoth’s trademark. This still holds true, even though the game is a turn based strategy game. When I asked Ian about the change to turn based strategy he replied that “At The Behemoth, we like to change things up. All of our games so far take aspects from different genres of games. From sidescroller beat em up to puzzle based. As you have probably noticed we don’t make sequels. With Pit People we felt like we had the ability to bring aspects of the turn based strategy genre to a casual gaming audience.” 


I found out while playing Pit People that everything Ian described  was completely true. Right off the bat the narrator scatters funny one liners and jokes throughout the dialogue. The combat as he essentially described resembles a traditional turn based strategy game. When i asked Ian what kind of games the minds at The Behemoth took inspiration from he replied that “We could compare the turn based combat to Fire Emblem or XCOM.” This was quite true, especially when it came to the games gameplay in relation to Fire Emblem. In my opinion the game drew aspects from the Civilization series as well. This was because of the hexagonal tiles that are used to navigate the map. This allows for a more unique navigation when compared to strategy games that take place on a traditional grid.

Overall i found the party combat and overall aesthetic of Pit People to be an absolute blast. The Behemoth once again has created a unique and fun game to play. Now all I have to do is wait to buy it on the PC.

The Behemoth – Pit People (Xbox One & PC) – Release TBA

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