XCOM 2 & Fallout 4 have been announced!

The past week has been full of huge announcements for all things games. Most of these announcements can be attributed to the fact that E3 is only 12 DAYS AWAY! The two biggest announcements however absolutely have to be the XCOM 2 & Fallout 4 reveal trailers.


I for one was a huge fan of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and its follow up expansion Enemy Within. The turn based strategy series by Firaxis and its most recent installment was critically acclaimed by countless reviewers. I myself logged over 200+ hours fighting aliens in the name of humanities defense. The permadeath features for the players squad made every decision in game count.

Moving onto XCOM 2, I absolutely loved the reveal trailer (link here ). The guerrilla esque theme to the trailer and the new story which takes place 20 years after Enemy Unknown were incredibly inviting and new. Apparently after Enemy Unknown, the aliens have been some what welcomed into society and have meshed with a one world order organization named ADVENT. The XCOM soldiers from the previous game were wise enough to not conform with this organization and has picked up arms against the aliens once again.

XCOM 2 will come out later this year and will be a PC exclusive.


People have been waiting and after countless false trailers Fallout 4 has been announced. The new Fallout trailer shows off a German Shepherd as it explores a dilapidated home. I personally am not a fan of the new brighter colors of this “in game engine.” It just does not feel post apocalyptic anymore with this brighter color palette.

None the less the idea of a next gen Fallout on the PS4, Xbox One and of course the master PC is incredibly inviting. Bethesda has noted that they will be showing off more at E3. Besides the video trailer published today nothing else is really available at the time.